Must read for anyone with Breast Implant Illness asking themselves “how did this happen to me?” Gail Hamilton‘s talent for keeping her sense of humour as she struggled to make sense of her mysterious illness (tongue in cheek). The corporate corruption of the Dow era is evidenced and explained – it is a slap in the face to those of us told “New & Improved” are safe. Buy this book! It will change your perspective! Terri McGregor

5 August 2018 – Published on Verified Purchase

An eye opening investigation report told in a personal way by a woman that had breast implants, who suffered many complications from the implants. I also had implants from 1975 to the present, and only recently discovered the cause of my many health challenges and symptoms; and am now scheduled for explant. If you know anyone who had implants or is thinking of getting them, please share this book. The word must be shared how we have been lied to, poisoned, and basically used as experiments. Thank you to the brave women who share their stories about the abuse of breast implants and the reality of breast implant illness so that others can avoid the same suffering.

5.0 out of 5 starsWhat an eye opener!! Shame on Dow and the FDA

6 August 2019 – Published on

Verified Purchase

I was stunned at the mounds of information the author uncovered to reveal the disturbing timeline of deceit and lies from Dow. Altered research data and thousands of complaints ignored by the FDA shed light on the corruption and greed of big Pharma. The author carefully documents her facts while taking the reader down the disturbing timeline that led to the failing health of hundreds of thousands of unknowing (women) victims. This book should be mandatory reading for any woman contemplating breast implants. I have read it several times, I refer to it when discussing my health crisis journey, and recommend it to those searching for answers to their bizarre health problems. Dow should be ashamed of how they used women as human experiments while the FDA just sat back and watched.

Laura Gustafson- Bowden Gail Hamilton thank you for the kind words. Also thank you so much for your continuous work in exposing these lies. The work you did back then and writing a book shedding light on the massive cover-up was a huge piece of this puzzle. I am forever grateful… 

Nancy Pratt his ..
Gail Hamilton wrote ‘Breast Implants and the D.I.R.T. Committee’ offering insight into the deep corruption that was the breast implant industry, a parallel that continues to present day. Gail’s book is a ‘must have’ for every library, IMHO. Every time I read her book I marvel at how Gail was able to so brilliantly tie together details of industry corruption, cover-up, and her own personal experience with having Dow Corning silicone breast implants that left her desperately ill.

The pages of my copy of the book are heavily ‘highlighted’ with different colours, flagging sentences or paragraphs that I wanted to be able to find easily again. Page after page. Jaw-dropping, staggering. I was angry. I was sad. I was enlightened. I was in awe of Gail’s ability to be researcher, truth teller and story teller (her own story). I highly recommend this book!
Though Breast Implants and the D.I.R.T. Committee is from the 90’s it’s still so relevant today. It’s hard to truly understand the current landscape of the industry without the benefit of this book.

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